LAMP 83 lightened Space and Possibilities event
Date : 07.04.2014

An architectural event which LAMP 83 was the lighting sponsor, Space and Possibilities organised by Terminal Design in historic building of Galata Greek School in Karaköy-İstanbul between 3 to 5th April. As the lighting sponsor of the event, LAMP 83, undertook all lighting projects andmeet the  needs including general lighting of the areas, lighting of conference room and exhibit areas as well as outdoor lighting.


Since the building was a historical one and there was no possibility for new installations, a very sensitive work and design approach was followed by LAMP 83 in order not to harm any area within the premises. Only LED luminaires were used in the project for cost savings and in order not to warmth the areas. There were also some more important points such as not to have glare effect, to reach an effective accent lighting in some areas with correct perception and to use lighting control systems where it was needed.


Having worked rigorously to be in line with the designers creations and to create a desired awareness for the visitors, LAMP 83 used almost 200 luminaires in different power, size, light color and body colors as well as more than 200 meters of lineer LED application.