A new and elegant luminaire of LAMP 83: Ark Pendant
Date : 15.08.2013

LAMP 83 presents its latest pendant design, featuring T5 fluorescent and LED lamps, to make areas different with its elegant design: Ark. 


Ark Pendant, which grabs attention at first sight thanks to its slim body line and chic design is only 66 mm in width. While one unit could be produced up to 3 meters in length, the possibility of adding one luminaire to another offers a solution which could be as long as it is desired.  As a solution which could work for different projects with its fluorescent and LED light sources, Ark Pendant will add a unique and stunning value for your areas such as office premises, residentials and retails shops with its powerful light.


When it is used with FH or FQ fluorescent lamps, Ark Pendant offers 8 different power levels between 14W and 80W for the customers. While with its different light & power levels it is possible to be used in very different areas and applications, Ark Pendant is also a distinguished luminaire featuring elegant design and high quality finishing. 


When it comes to LED light sources, Ark that has options of 11W or 16W and up to 2000 lumens, is a suitable alternative for offices, meeting rooms, aintree and retails shop shelves. Including either 3000K or 4000K LED light colors, Ark Pendant, that has a very long economical life as a result of proven passive cooling capacity, is driven with 500 or 700 mA current.  


It is possible to purchase the luminaire, featuring long life and significant energy savings, in three different body colors: black, white or metallic grey.