LAMP 83 is welcomed by Yeditepe University...
Date : 19.12.2017

LAMP 83 is welcomed by Yeditepe University...


LAMP 83, as a guest of Yeditepe University, lectured the students of the Faculty of Architecture, "The Place of Lighting Design in Architecture" within the scope of the conference series realized by the universities.


LAMP 83, which gives great importance to cooperation between the university and the sector, has added a new event to the activities that have been realized by various universities. During the conference organized for architect students, LAMP 83, who is welcomed by Yeditepe University, underlined different aspects of lighting design that need to be paid attention regarding "The Place of Lighting Design in Architecture".


The conference, also attended by academicians working in the department together with students from the Faculty of Architecture, started with the opening speech of LAMP 83 Group Sales Manager Serhan Acar.

Mr. Acar gave information about the vision and history of LAMP 83 and the projects accomplished by the company so far, and he also addressed the work on "Human Centric Lighting" and the solutions they offered.


Speaking after Serhan Acar, LAMP 83 Key Accounts Manager Ahmet Sinan Günvar, passed on to listeners with a wide range of products that include solutions offered by LAMP 83 and details to be considered in lighting practice, according to the needs of the different architectural spaces such as office, lobby, executive and meeting rooms, exhibition halls and library.


LAMP 83 Group Sales Manager Serhan Acar regarding the conference, which attracted great interest and followed the participants with pleasure, said: “It was very valuable for us to be with the next generation of architecture as a representative of a pioneer company of the industry and to find a chance to transfer our experiences to them. Lighting design is a very important fact that needs to be studied very carefully and directly affects the architectural concept. We tried to guide future architects in this matter. As LAMP 83, we give great importance to interacting with the university. We aim to continue increasing our academic relations in the upcoming period and to be able to meet with a greater number of students in different events.”