Date : 19.10.2015



Automotive giant Renault, prefers LAMP 83 for lighting solutions in its showrooms in Turkey.


Renault Turkey has been illuminating its dealers for more than two years with LAMP 83’s custom made luminaires according to its exclusive lighting concept.


Renault’s intention was to create same archtitectural & lighting concept in line with its corporate identity, in its all worldwide dealers. Therefore, LAMP 83’s lighting project & customade luminaires which were created exclusively for Renault, had to be inspected & approved by Renault’s head Office in France, before the start of a mutual cooperation.


LAMP 83’s Sales Group Manager Mr. Serhan Acar talked about his company’s valuable work with such an interntional & strong brand like Renault: ‘Although initially it seems relatively easy to illuminate automotive showrooms, on the contrary it’s a very difficult subject including lots of details needs to be taken care very seriously. For example if you locate luminaires in wrong positions while trying to highlight the car, it would result in car to be seen in a worse way and customers in the showroom would receive false impression.


Since the objects to be illuminated are very big, it is even more important to handle lighting operations in proper & purposeful way for these showrooms. The aim is always to highlight the cars and to get attractions of the visitors. Moreover, as the customers spend long times in the showrooms, their visual comfort must be considered as well.


Having received exclusive approval of Renault France for Turkey-wide, we are very glad to work with such a global company like Renault. The work that we carry out with the support of Renault Turkey, is very valuable for us in terms of brand value. Furthermore, it also contributes us very much to improve our products & services.’’


LAMP 83’s custom-made & exclusive lumianires designed for the project…


In ‘Mais Boğaziçi’ dealer, located in İstinye spanning over 3.400 m2,  luminaires that are exclusively designed for Renault’s illumination concept, were all located bearing cars’ exact positions within the dealer. Moreover, the project was undertaken to provide necessary light levels determined by Renault France and to highlight ‘only’ cars.


As ceiling of the showroom was very high, for all 309 luminaires in different electrical power, custom made fixing details were prepared, according to renault’s exclusive pendant luminaire concept.


Thanks to 77W LED tracklights which were used in dealer’s exclusive sections such as ‘Passion, Actu and ZE’ where distinguished & special cars to be displayed, higher level of illumination levels were reached as well as providing more attractions for those cars.


For all other Renault cars’s illumination, again custom-made 2x40W LED pendants were located to ensure that cars were illuminated through their side sections, rather than their roofs.


In order to ensure customers to walk around in a comfortable way, wide corridor areas was enlightened in a lower level of light flux by 2x20W LED pendants.


For Dacia sections of ‘Mais Boğaziçi’ dealer, a completely different lighting concept was followed, including custom-made ‘2x44W+30W’ LED pendants ton sure that section is perceived in a different way comparing to Renault parts.