ADİDAS’ prefers LAMP 83
Date : 08.11.2016

ADİDAS’ prefers LAMP 83


Sports giant ADİDAS, who has been working with LAMP 83 to illuminate their stores in Turkey for a long time, is very much satisfied with the results. LAMP 83 recently illuminated HomeCourt store of the brand, located in Axis İstanbul shopping mall.


Thanks to cooperation dating back to more than a decade ago, LAMP 83 has illuminated most of ADİDAS stores in Turkey by designing & developing luminaires and lighting systems in line with brand’s different store concepts. So the journey that started during metal halide luminaires period still continues without losing its pace in LED era, as well.


LAMP 83 recently illuminated ADİDAS’s Homecourt store in Axis Istanbul shopping mall. In the store, consisting of four different sections according to the concept and expanding over 454 m2 area, LAMP 83 used total of 227 luminaires including highly efficient, stylish and featuring high color rendering value of 90 CRI SILVER product family, ARK product family and some custom-made luminaires.


While reflecting and underlining importance of ‘Proper Lighting’ notion, that is registered corporate policy of LAMP 83, on behalf of such a  big customer, ADİDAS’s architect Mr. Eren Kılıç expressed company’s satisfaction and gladness regarding working with LAMP 83 as follows:


‘As ADİDAS our target related with lighting is that the illumination should be as strong as to attract to invite customers to come in and as well designed as possible to ensure that they find the correct products very easily. We receive tremendous amount of help of lighting systems to create a good customer experience and to make them to meet with the products that we selected. We know very well that correctly positioned & used lighting systems increase visibility of the products thus also increasing our sales.


Mr. Kılıç explained in short why ADİDAS started to prefer LED systems: ‘Even though we were happy with previously used halogen systems regarding color rendering, we decided to go for LED lighting as halogen lamps were creating a huge heat within the stores, consuming a lot of energy and their maintainance costs were very high. Initially it seems that LED systems is more expensive than halogen lighting, but due to energy savings provided by LED after only one yea, investment in LED becomes more advantegous and the cost difference in between both systems disappears. Moreover LED systems have got some additional and significant benefits in terms of operating costs such as they have much longer economical life comparing to halogen lamps and they even ensure that our mechanical cooling devices work less and their maintaniance costs are reduced as well due to LEDs are not heating up the stores.’


Mr. Kılıç Also revelaed the reasons behind their choice to work with LAMP 83  as: ‘From the very beginning onwards LAMP 83 became one of our business partners that we believed in, trusted and enjoyed while working with them since they have good sales & design teams and they have a very strong and flexible product range which meets all of our needs and demands.’


LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Mr. Serhan Acar also commented on this partnership as follows: ‘Being a lighting partner of such a giant company as ADİDAS and to ensure that kind of sustainability for more than a decade is a very difficult task. But we continue to enjoy to work with them while feeling such a big responsibility on our shoulders. We always need to work for long time and spend a lot of energy on creating different lighting fixtures and systems according to their stores’ lighting concepts that changes time to time. However, following up such huge tasks we are pleased to see that end results and new developments not only enable ADİDAS’s customer satisfaction continues but also ensure that we improve our products, systems and service as well. Considering all these aspects we are very glad to work for ADİDAS.