LAMP 83 renews its product range...
Date : 19.10.2016

LAMP 83 renews its product range…


Always targeting newer, more efficient, more reliable, technologically more advanced luminaires and creating more value added products in principle, LAMP 83 renewed its product range.


As it’s known, thanks to ever-growing LED technology, more aesthetic lighting solutions almost became  a complementary  aspect of architectural designs, recently. By that means while renewing & improving its product range, LAMP 83 focussed even more on architectural and decorative products to create new possibilities for its customers.


Among the new creations of LAMP 83, luminaires suitable for ‘Human Centric Lighting’ concept which is considered to be a hot topic of lighting industry in the near future and hand made plexiglass product family are highlighted.


‘The Human Centric Lighting’ concept can be briefly described as ‘copy the light effect, light color and light power of the sun with an artificial light via some scenarios to have positive influence over human behaviours’, as it is explained in detail in LAMP 83’s 2016/17 product catalogue.


Among the new products hand-made plexiglass RAST series consisting of rectangular, sphere, ring and square shaped luminaires, grabs the attention at first. In addition to that series and recently developed OPTIO, UNI, R-FLEX and BRIGHT product families, new versions of existing families are presented for taste of our customers.


Moreover, there are some illustrations, included within the catalogue that are used to create some imaginary places which are purposed to give ideas about possible application areas of some products.


In short, a journey chasing after the light that started in 1960’s are continuing towards 2020’s by confidence.