AYAKKABI DÜNYASI saves 40% on costs thanks to LAMP 83…
Date : 26.08.2016

AYAKKABI DÜNYASI saves on 40% thanks to LAMP 83…


Leading brand of Turkish shoe sector Ayakkabı Dünyası saves 40% energy costs in their stores as a result of LED conversion project led by LAMP 83...


With its long history of 93 years, one of the most important brands of Turkish shoe sector Ayakkabı Dünyası trusted LAMP 83’s expertise to convert existing traditional lighting systems to latest LED technology. Within the scope of the project, undertaken by two companies who are leading in their sectors, in 13 stores expanding over cities of İstanbul, Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Çorlu, İzmir and Mersin total of 3200 conventional luminaires with metal halide lamps were replaced with LAMP 83’s LED luminaires produced by latest technology to have A+ energy efficiency class.


For the project, LAMP 83 as always worked under its ‘Proper Lighting’ philosophy which is also registered corporate policy of the company. In short, ‘Proper Lighting’ notion could be described as ‘to complete fully any lighting project requirements that needs artificial lighting applications as energy efficient, suitable for any automation on all levels, as human motivating and by paying attention to human eye health and safety’. Ayakabbı Dünyası’s Director of Retail Stores & Business Development department Mr. Erdoğan Avaroğlu reflected and underlined importance of ‘Proper Lighting’ notion on behalf of a big customer as follows:


‘Solution of Proper Lighting effects behaviours of the customers in terms of emotional and intellectual aspects. When you use lighting in a correct way, not only we welcome more customers in our stores, but also we monitor that the time which customers spend in the stores increase dramatically, sometimes up to even 30%. Thanks to LED luminaires that are focused on & highlight the products, we can direct our customers to desired areas.’


Mr. Avaroğlu who express their initial targets for the project as ‘to reach energy saving costs that is very important for the budget as well as to ensure our stores to be illuminated properly’ says that ‘We are very happy to be working with LAMP 83. We prefer them due to their professional work undertaken by a fabulous crew and their stance regarding their projects as a result of a very good work. Thanks to the LED conversion project that we jointly created, our energy consumption decreased up to 40%.’


Within the scope of the project LAMP 83 modified dimensions of some of its luminaires in order them to be fitted on existing false ceilings, thus not to create any additional costs for the customer. Commenting on the project and their satisfaction to be working with such a brand of Ayakkabı Dünyası, LAMP 83’s Sales Group Manager Ms. Serhan Acar says that ‘It was just like our expectations from a shoe such as to be comfortable, economical and chic at the same time, we tried to reach a point for Ayakkabı Dünyası stores which is visually comfortable, providing energy savings and aesthetic appearence. On one hand we contributed Ayakkabı Dünyası’s customers satisfaction to increase and their customers are directed to the desired areas, on the other we provided energy savings up to 40%. We were very glad to hear that such a big brand is happy for LED conversion that was undertaken by LAMP 83. I think we proved once again what sort of benefits & gains could be provided with a well planned project and LED luminaires featuring latest technology and ever-growing efficiency.’