LAMP 83’s light is on DEFACTO's Trump Towers Store...
Date : 08.06.2016

LAMP 83, always creates a difference in lighting, illuminates DeFacto’s Trump Towers store.


One of the major brands in fashion industry in Turkey, DeFacto, chose LAMP 83 to illuminate its store in  Trump Towers. DeFacto always attaches a big importance to lighting projects of its stores where they want to emphasise colors and tiny details of their products as well as their display areas.


In order to ensure that many different colors of the products are perceived properly by the customers, only 90 CRI LED chips with high color rendering index were used. For store which covers 1.100 sq mt area in two floors, total of 631 LAMP 83 luminaires in six different types were installed.


In general sales areas of the store, one of LAMP 83’s most efficient luminaires, Silver LED 32W were chosen which highlight the products alongside providing sufficient illumination levels thanks to its 24° beam angle. Same products were installed with smaller intervals at the entrance of the store as well to grab customers attention. Again for changing rooms Silver LED was applied thanks to its technical abilities while providing integrity for the rest of the store.


Since the intention was to create a very strong impression and to highlight all the products with a very strong light, 70 W Evo Spot was chosen in shop windows.On the other hand, the linear fixture of LAMP 83, called Way, handled  backlight illumination for the plexiglass visuals that were placed behind the dummies in shop windows as well.


Various tasks were undertaken by stylish 32 W R-Flex LED swing-out luminaire such as providing homogenous illumination display areas on the walls & around the columns. For the podium area within the store, ensuring flexibility in case of re-positioning of the dummies, 32W Pride LED spotlight was chosen that controls the light output perfectly. Moreover, custom-made version of Trend pendant was placed on top of Chino table to create a dynamic aspect in terms of architectural concept.


In comply with emergency lighting regulations, 1 hour battery kit version of Silver LED were used in combination with general lighting concept.