LAMP 83 picks up the pace in export trade...
Date : 19.04.2016

Exporting for more than 30 years, LAMP 83 gets a fast start in first quarter of 2016 thanks to recently signed distribution agreements for France, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Georgia, Finland and Norway.


LAMP 83, which displayed its latest LED luminaires and lighting systems developed under the light of 2025 Corporate Vision, in Light and Building fair of last month, showed its ever growing strength during the fair thanks to its recently signed distribution agreements covering seven countries. While these agreement will lead to an increase in number of countries where LAMP 83 branded luminaires and systems could be found, LAMP 83’s export trade is expanded to cover more than 40 countries.


Assessing these flash developments in the export field, LAMP 83’s Executive Board Member and CEO Batu Ceyişakar comments that ‘To establish some solid connections in export trade and to increase number of country-wide distributors holds an important place within the growth strategy of LAMP 83. By that means we took very good start in 2016. Thanks to recently signed agreements, we will have a chance to present LAMP 83’s products & services directly to these very important and big markets. Additionally, we are glad to see that there are some more countries which we are about to sign contracts. All in all we are working very hard to ensure that LAMP 83 is growing in a healthy and steady way, to be on top of the competition and to contribute our national economy thanks to our ever growing export activities.’


LAMP 83, who concentrates on the markets where design, quality, system solutions and good services are demanded instead of areas where low quality & low price level is observed, continues to develop and grow within the boundaries of its corporate vision and future plans. Thus, journey of the light, which started 53 years ago in a small shop located in Karakoy Bankalar Street (in Istanbul), still continues in international markets in a solid & trustful way.