LAMP 83 illuminated Biesterfeld GmbH, German chemical giant.
Date : 23.11.2015

LAMP 83, worked to illuminate head office of Turkey branch of Biesterfeld GmbH, leading German chemical & plastic material manufacturer, in Istanbul.


Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH, which is a German company expertised on manufacturing chemical & plastic materials for more than 100 years, chose LAMP 83 for illumination of their Turkish head office. The office of 660 m2 , located in Maltepe – Istanbul, which was designed by LS Design Architecture Maltepe, was yet another successful project implementation for LAMP 83 in its international portfolio.


Energised, pleasant and professional working environment…


LAMP 83’s expert project group was headed off to build an energised, pleasant and professional working environment in the office featuring an open ceiling system almost entirely. Thanks to mutual cooperation with architectural team of the project, the desired ambient feeling was created by using serial production luminaires as well as custom-made linear & decorative pendants.


For the lighting project, consisting of 125 luminaires in total, only LED light sources were used to reach significant energy saving levels. In order to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the employees in terms of psychological & physical feeling, 3000 Kelvin was preferred as light color.


Considering the comfort of the office people, for open office sections ARK pendants were manufactured in desired & special lengths according to the size of the desks. Whereas JoyLED tracklights were located to illuminate flowers & art pieces on sides of the Office, dimming option was selected for custom made Ark pendants above meeting rooms. Moreover, a dramatic lighting effect was created for manager’s rooms.


Within the office area, a place called Biesterfeld Square was designed, which enables employees to socialize and open information sharing. For that area LAMP 83 located custom made round shape pendants in different sizes & radiuses in order to make a real ‘square’ feeling through seating groups.


Architect Leyla Süha: It was a pleasure to work with LAMP 83 …


Architect Ms. Leyla Süha, who is founder of LS Design Architecture company, explained why they chose LAMP 83 for the project as follow: ‘In order to reach well-thought and professional lighting design, one has to follow a very throughly considered way of working as well as to be in strong cooperation with major contributors of the project such as architectural office. That’s why we went for LAMP 83 as our lighting solution partner. As LS Design Architecture team, we wholehearthly believe that the success is the result of a close cooperation between the architects and other partners, where everybody inspired each other. Therefore we enjoyed a lot while working with LAMP 83, who are expertised on control of the Light which is undeniable part of the architecture. LAMP 83 has supported us in every possible way, since the very beginning phase of the project until selection of the luminaires as well as through installation & delivery operations’


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