LAMP 83's signature is on duty free shops of Medina Airport
Date : 03.09.2015

Leading luminaire manufacturer of Turkey, LAMP 83, completed lighting project of ATÜ Duty Free shops, located in international Medina Airport.

The new terminal building of Medina International Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport is recently opened in Saudi Arabia. ATÜ Duty Free shops, which are located in the airport that is distinguished by its architectural design and lighting effect, again chose LAMP 83 as their lighting solution partner.

The cooperation between LAMP 83 and ATÜ Duty Free, covering both domestic and international projects, dates back to long time ago. Thanks to meticulous lighting project work that took four months to complete for the airport where annually 8 million people pass through, each shop was designed according to an different story and concept.

For the whole Project, only LAMP 83’s luminaires, which were all in comply with international regulations and having LED light sources, were used. The placement and design of the luminaires were considered in line with architectural concept.

For the main shop, general lighing concept was determined on round shape lighting tracks where 30W Pridespor luminaires were used. There were two main principles followed while deciding where to locate luminaires: to ensure that products that are displayed were perceived by the visitors very easily and to be in harmony with decorative ceiling. 3000 Kelvin was selected as the light color for the whole shop where 30W Unique LED recessed luminaires used as well.

For twin and square shops that are visited very frequently by the passengers, all luminaires, that ensured ‘Proper Lighting’ was achieved, thanks to correct wattage & reflector angles selections, were located onto existing girders. 25W and 30W all 3000K PrideLED spotlights were preferred for these shops.

One of the most attractive parts of the terminal were arches that are above the shops which were illuminated by 12 and 18W Joy LED luminaires in different light angles. Moreover, thanks to LAMP 83’s FlexLED option,  uninterrupted and fascinating lighting effect was created over the arches.

For local shops, where authentic atmosphere is highlighted, 25W PrideLED spotlight were put inside the channels that were drilled on the ceiling. In order to see a deep lighting effect, custom made 6W Minor LED luminaires were located inside the holes of the ceiling. 

To achieve linear, uninterrrupted and powerful lighting effect, Band LED profile luminaires were selected for inside parts of the shops, cabinets, columns and exclusive designed onyx columns. Custom made plexy covers and lenses were used in order to highlight facades and front parts of the marble columns. Same approach was followed to ensure that the products which are displayed to be attracted while not creating undesired glare effect. For all linear lighting applications 2700K was chosen as light color.


As a summary it was yet another story of success for LAMP 83 in international field, where LAMP 83’s lighting experts were in mutual cooperation with Architect Ms. Hale Akdemir Şener of 1217 Design, a company which is expertised especially on airport projects. 


Please click to see photo galler of the project.