Ayakkabı Dünyası head office is illuminated by LAMP 83.
Date : 01.08.2015

Expanding branch of Turkey, Ayakkabı Dünyası consigns the lighting project of its head office to LAMP 83, leading Turkish luminaire manufacturer.


One of the leading brands of Turkish footwear sector Ayakkabı Dünyası, moved its head Office from captal Ankara to Istanbul. New HQ of the company, which is designed by its own architectures, is illuminated by LAMP 83 with custom-made luminaires as well as standard products.


The new office of 1300 m2, located in Maslak distinct of Istanbul, is a two storey building, including open-office spaces, showroom, rooms for senior personnel and meeting rooms.


Visual comfort was the priority for the personnel to work more proactive and comfortable way in the office as well as to provide significant energy savings thanks to in total 302 pieces LED luminaires that are used.


As a result of LAMP 83’s capability to design and manufacture custom-made luminaires tailored according to lighting project, total of 150 surface mounted products that are exclusively mounted onto cable trays were used for general lighting. 


In total 17 pieces of 20W ARK LED pendant luminaires are produced for working desks of senior staff as well as 31 pieces of 40W ARK LED for the employees.


While for the meeting rooms, exclusively designed rectangular shaped LED pendants are located, either in 181 or 356 cm in length, 70 pieces of custom-made surface mounted luminaires are chosen for the rooms of senior staff.


To highlight the products that are displayed in the showroom, 30W PrideLED spotlights are used as well.