LAMP 83 lightened ATÜ Ankara Duty Free Shop.
Date : 19.08.2014

Leading luminiare manufacturer of Turkey, LAMP 83, completed lighting project of ATÜ Duty Free shop, located in international arrival terminal of Ankara Esenboğa Airport. More than 600 lumianires were used for the project which was undertaken with the cooperation of architect Mr. Tuna Hakan Ersavaş.


LAMP 83 luminaires were chosen for such an elegant project, thanks to their long economical life, high efficacy and ability to provide significant  energy savings. Since the shop is open 24 hours for 7 days a week, it was very important to have products which emit a strong light with a minimum possible energy consumption. In order to reach an adequate level of lighting in the shop, which is the first one that foreign visitors see when they arriv to Ankara, LAMP 83’s highly efficient luminaires of Silverspot, SoloLED, WayLED, linear  LED and Ark Pendant includingT5 fluorescent were used. 


Lighting project was prepared  in line with the concept of architect Mr. Tuna Hakan Ersavaş in terms of creativity and luminaires are located to suit to the ceiling style. In order to highlight extraordinary front facet looking towards the terminal, a special work was completed and SoloLED was used to create the desired effect. Moreover, Silverspot was used to highlight the products within the shop, Ark Pendant was located on top of corridors and cash registers and WayLED was used for the aintree. In total more than 600 luminaires, 40 meters of linear LED and 250 meters of track were used. 


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