LAMP 83 launches its brand new web site
Date : 21.07.2014

Leading Turkish commercial lighting company LAMP 83, launched its brand new web site. The new web site will be noticed at first sight, thanks to its comprehensive contents, dynamic design and integrated social-media plugins. 


LAMP 83's renewed web site was prepared in a way to be an information center for lighting industry as well as to reflect the company's innovative approach. The designers aimed to make the user's life easier to reach latest technology and high performance in luminaires. Besides revealing LAMP 83's new product range, the web site, which is available on English & Turkish, is containing more than 140 reference projects as well as around 1.200 different pages. 


Apart from Luminaires section which contains all related information and documents regarding its products, LAMP 83’s renewed web site is also featuring a digital catalogue including a search engine. The web site is covering detailed tehcnical information pages, product catalogues, technical drawings, photometric datas etc and is designed to work for all operation systems & devices such as tablets and mobile phones. 


It is very easy to find information regarding all the corporate an& commercial activities and contact information of LAMP 83. In a very near future 3D drawings of the luminaires, prepared for DIALux software will also be available on the web site which will be updated frequently.